Welcome to thriving together

Creation combines the power of a DAO with the simplicity of a FB page to allow you to earn, govern & co-own with your tribe

What does it mean to truly empower creativity? It means to return the value back into the hands of those who generate it.

~ Master Shibuntha, the wisdom keeper of web3


Launch your next creative project into the world?

Propose your vision to your community and get funded using our NFT launchpad.

Onboard the best talent to steward your creation to success.

Level Up

Gig posting boards are setup for talent to earn $$ and gain XP.

Rank up, gain experience, and build your reputation score to advance within your community and access rewards.

The more you give, the more you get!

Leave A Legacy

Simply choose how much of your treasury supports the causes you believe in.

Let the smart contract do the rest.